What I would wear Wednesday: Bows!

I love bows, I find them completely adorable, girly and charming.


(from Hotdogs and poodles

I love this bow comb, I think it is the perfect accessory to brighten up an outfit! (They even have sparkly ones!! WINNING!)

(From Sunshine and Carousels)

Very rarely do I go to a store (be it a brick and morter store, or a wonderful online store) and want EVERY single thing that the store has. I love EVERYTHING in this shop. Erin is a genius.

Here is my other favourite.

(from Sunshine and Carousels)

Are they not the cutest things you will EVER see? I am not a velvet lover (I won’t touch it), but oh mah goodness, I need these.

(muchloveilly) I have Ilene on twitter, and seriously she is the cutest. Her shop (and blog!)  are my favourites. This bow is bar far the cutest under bun bow, I have seen. And I need it. It makes me want to go take a picnic in the woods with some teddy bears.

(muchloveilly) I know it isn’t a bow, but I couldn’t leave it behind. I love this one. The colour is amazing.


Are you loving bows/headbands too? What are your favourites?


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