I have had so many thoughts on how and when to do school with Teagan.

Do we send him to playschool? Preschool? Homeschool?

Our town is tiny. While it does have awesome schools, it just doesn’t have the same options for preschool as the city does.

We don’t have school “co-ops”, or Monttessori schools near us (the nearest is over 2 hours away).

Ever since Teag was a baby I was DEAD SET on sending him to preschool as soon as he turned 3.

Then he turned 3, and school was out for the summer.

Then we had Molly and Rich went back for his final year of school.

I was overwhelmed at the thought of committing to send him to school, when I was sure if I would even really be functioning…Let alone sending my baby away for a few hours.

postpartum hormones, they get me weepy every time.

So I did what any “can’t let my baby leave my sight, he’ll stay with me FOREVER” type mom would do.

(and he is on the “wait list” for the winter semester of preschool at our local Christian school)

I bought a printer.

And then scoured pinterest (and asked for help on facebook) for lesson plans and ideas on how to homeschool a preschooler.

This is my homeschooling pinterest board.

I decided that I wanted a Christ centered plan.

And so I began printing, and printing, and printing.

We are also using the new version of this, I got mine at Costco.

We started with “The Fruits of the Spirit” curriculum for toddlers, from


We love this one. We have been working on memorizing the verse since we started it.










Pirate Pre-K Pack. Actually all of their packs are AMAZING.

School Sparks printable sheets. I think this might be a little bit advanced for Teag at the moment, but I don’t think it will be long till we use them.

Little Family Fun has a great easy preschool at home schedule and ideas all in one place. I like how she has everything sorted out, ready to go!


Do you homeschool or have you ever thought about homeschooling? If so, what is your favourite method or curriculum?


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4 Responses to Thoughts.

  1. Ashley says:

    I love the website ABC Jesus Loves Me!

  2. This is something I’ll never blog about because I’ve made really great friends that feel the complete opposite of me and I don’t want to give a “holy than thou” attitude. My little disclaimer is that as with all parenting choices you do what works best for you, so really – my opinion is moot because it’s what works for my family.

    I believe in the value of play. It has never, ever interested me to sit down with Braden and flashcards to “teach” him. I’d rather teach him through play. I never “made” him learn the alphabet, his numbers…we just managed to learn them together. In all honesty he learned his ABC’s from a Thomas toy he got a couple of Christmases ago. I have a lot of Montessori moms as blogging friends that do ‘tot school’ and there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with it, it just so does not mesh with the kind of person I am. You can make it what you want, but the prep work that can go into it, I just don’t have the time for it and feel that Braden is a very smart little boy (>3.5 years) as it is. He’s starting play school on Tuesday and I trust that his teacher will help guide him and get him ready for kindergarten in 2 years. We color, paint, play with LEGO’s and trains…we just do ‘normal’ things and he learns enough from that.

    We are Christians too and he’s gone to Sunday School for 2.5 years now and LOVES it. We read him Bible stories every night, sing Sunday School songs, and pray together.

    I’m against homeschooling for the simple fact that teachers are university-educated…so who would I be to try to teach my children preschool – grade 12? I dunno, I’m a university-educated nurse (as we all are) and I don’t go to my neighbor who is a nurse to her children for medical attention, you know?

    Again, these are MY thoughts and choices for my family. How anyone else decides to educate their children is none of my business. I just know I would rub shoulders with a lot of my readers if I blogged about it, so I’m not going there ;)

    Sorry for this long comment!

    • kaitevans says:

      I definitely have a list of “things I’ll never blog about”, to me it just isn’t worth it.

      I don’t think hardcore homeschoolers would even consider our homeschooling with Teag, as homeschooling. It is definitely 98% play and then a little bit of bible and writing. Truthfully, Teag kept asking to do “school work”, I think because he sees Rich studying. Monkey see, monkey do.

      As far as teachers being university educated, I really think it depends on who the teacher is. I have had amazing teachers, and also teachers who should have never become teachers. KWIM? We’ve always said that our kids would go to school, and then if we have exhausted all other resources. Then we would homeschool.

      Thanks so much for the comment!

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