The Mama Interviews! w6

This weeks interviewee is Sara from Saige Wisdom


Sara K


I’m the newest member of the ‘Almost 30 Club’ as I
just celebrated my 29th birthday on Tuesday!

What first drew you to blogging?

A friend started a blog for Project 365 and challenged a group of us new moms to do the same. Saige Wisdom was born
in January 2010 right after the real Saige’s 1st birthday and I’ve
been posting ever since.

What is your blogging philosophy?

As soon as I stopped posting what I thought
was expected from me and started writing about what’s really going on for me in my house/mind/marriage/heart my
readership grew and so did my passion for blogging. I’ve discovered that the ‘ugly
truth’ is a lot more palatable with a humorous spin.

What is one thing every mother should do
with her kids?

Hire a professional photographer to take family photos of you and your little one{s} and I’m not talking about an impromptu session at Walmart’s Portrait Studio. People
with nice cameras typically cost a lot money, but trust me when I say it’s the one investment you won’t soon regret.


Favourite Book:

“Saving Grace” by Julie Garwood – it’s a cheesy
romance novel that I read in high school (x 4), but within its pages I found my
baby boy’s name, Gabriel.

Favourite Movie:

For the past 15 years “Pretty Woman” and “Dirty
Dancing” have been tied for 1st… please don’t judge.

Favourite Song:

Anything country. I grew up in Prince George where
AC/DC, Metallica and country were the only acceptable music genres… I ended up
choosing the latter.

Favourite blogs:

I’m addicted to photography blogs, mommy blogs and
funny blogs:


these fab 4 rarely disappoint and are 100% Canadian

favourite way to spend alone time is:

me, my laptop & I
Pedicure or manicure?

I rarely, if ever, wear socks – even in the winter -
and since my husband flat out refuses to massage my “scaly lizard feet” {direct
quote} pedicures are the only time my abused toes get pampering.

Favourite guilty

Junior Mints
Reality TV

My biggest pet
peeves are:

People who fish for compliments, I NEVER bite.

Ideal date:

I recently took up skiing and don’t know what I love
more {a} navigating my way down the mountain with my partner-in-crime or {b} our
his & her chairlift conversations? All I know is that it beats the heck out
of dinner and a movie.

Hidden talents:

Bargain hunting. I’m like the Rain Man of finding
good deals.

Sweet or savoury treats:

I definitely have a sweet tooth – as in I sometimes
eat dinner just so I can have

Favourite meal:

Whatever you’re cooking.

Favourite snack to make:

Does peanut butter on a spoon count?

Takeout or
homemade meals?

I sort of answered this already, but I’ll take a homemade
meal {that I don’t have to cook} over takeout any day of the week. It’s the best
of both worlds.

Define your style:

Timeless Stripes.
Long before they were considered ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’
my closet has been overfloweth with horizontal stripes; I’m 88% certain I was a
sailor in my past life. I keep my wardrobe super duper simple – jeans, plain
white T’s, long cardis, a buffet of pashmina-type scarves – when people find old
photographs of me I want to keep them guessing. Even my wedding dress was boring,
but that’s just how I roll…

Style icon:

Jennifer Anniston.
She always looks so classy & effortless.

Favourite place/brand
to shop at: and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Favourite way to spend the weekend:


Favourite thing
about mothering a boy:

I’m still pretty new at it, but he’s an amazing
responsibility… I look forward to dispelling the myths about how “real men” should
act and I can’t wait to teach him how to love and respect all women starting
with those of us at home.

Favourite thing
about mothering a girl:

Most days I feel like I’m watching a younger, cuter version
of myself and think, “I so got this” because I so get her. Plus what’s not to love about little girl clothes? Skinny
jeans paired with mini-motorcycle boots = adorbs.

Oh mah goodness. I loved your answers! And I think your wedding dress was/is gorgeous, and your babies are so cute!!–Kait

If you are interesting in being a part of The Mama Interviews, send me an email at kaitslifeblog at gmail dot com 

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Wow, I am so blown away to be included in Sara’s list of go to blogs. Thanks!

    Kait, you couldn’t have picked an awesomer (oh yes I did!) blogger to interview. Saige Wisdon is great, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Kait’s Life now that I’ve found you.

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