This weekend was all about survival of the fittest.

And I think my children and fitter than I am.

Mine was filled with a toddler peeing down the vent in his room, a baby projectile vomiting and my husband being on paramedic practicum.

And lots and lots of coffee.



Bath time. Because if sister gets a bath (vomiting over oneself, results in a bath) then everyone gets a bath. Also, baths cure afternoon crankies.

wearing molly

Afternoon walks also help.


AND LOOK WHAT RICH GOT ME! And yes, I’m sore.

molly and mommy

But the absolute best part of my day? Rich being home, and snuggles with my ginormous baby.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sarah [] says:

    How big is your sweet ginormous baby!?

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