Sewing Roommmmmm!

So as you can guess, I like to sew.

I’ve mentioned it here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Point is, I like to create, and make a mess.

It drives Rich crazy. I have sewing projects ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

I have some patterns and a few pieces of fabric on the piano.

My serger and sewing machine are on the back landing.

The iron is on the table, cutting matt is on the floor.

Point is, it’s all over the place.

So I decided to redo the downstairs bedroom, and make it into a sewing roommmmmm!

But it was a disaster.

When we redid the kitchen EVERYTHING went into the basement bedroom.

Like everything, drawers to cupboards that we don’t even have anymore.

It was ridiculous.

So yesterday I decided enough was enough.

I threw 90% out. Rich did two “dump runs”.



This is only 1/4 of the room.


So I spent the afternoon organizing, singing to music, and planning the room out.

It took forever.

But I don’t think it turned out to bad…

clean sewing room1

Doesn’t that look so much better?

Right now, the room is a wonderful (not) sandy-taupe colour. It makes the room look horrible.

My plan, is to get Rich to paint it white. Normally I would want to have bold colours on the walls, but I plan on hanging prints, an inspiration board etc on the walls instead.

I am also planning on putting a “U” shaped desk in the corner (where the mirror and reclining chair is) and putting my machines there.

Where the vacuum is, I’d like to make a big ironing table, and cutting table.

And maybe I’ll put something like these up.

sewing creativity woman cave

You can check out all of my sewing room inspiration pins here.

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3 Responses to Sewing Roommmmmm!

  1. Addy says:

    haha I love it! So glad i’m not the only one with a messy room (ok my whole house at some points). I suggest that when you decorate you break the rules as opposed to braking for them.. lol

  2. kaitevans says:

    HAHAHAHA I didn’t even notice the spelling mistake on that vinyl. Oh dear.

  3. Yase and Andi Miller says:

    good for you! can’t wait to sew with you and Louise when we come back!

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