September 30, 2013 by kaitevans


If you’ve been following my blog/facebook/instagram you know that I love to sew!

Mainly I love sewing things for Molly. (I have sewn things for all the babies, it is just more fun to sew for her!)

I even made all of our newborn cloth diapers when Arlo was a baby.

sewing collage

1. Harem pants. I made these 3 times, the first pair (with super stretchy fabric) we’re the best. The other two weren’t as stretchy but still worked.

2. I started with this pattern, and then modified it and made it a romper! I lined the hood with fleece to make it extra cozy.

3. BURP RAGS! I have 14 burp rags ready to be sold! If you’re interest in buying some, leave a comment! 3 for $15. Paypal only (unless you’re local, then I’ll accept cash)

4. Basically the cutest dress in the world. Free pattern here.  I love this dress, so much so that I am going to buy the full pattern so I can make Molly’s Christmas dress.

Since Rich is back in school (one more year…one more year…onemoreyearonemoreyear) I have been spending the evening sewing. It is wonderful.

AND BOOM I figured out the tension issues that I was having with my serger. Can I get a hallelujah? Which means I can finish projects faster.

So I have made a list of “winter” projects that I want to get done!

Leggings for Molly. Because obviously she needs more. (I did make them last night, but homegirl has a booty, so I need to find a pattern that will fit her!)

T-shirts for myself.

And basically everything on pinterest!

Are you on pinterest? You should share your boards here.

What is on your “to-do” list for crafting this fall?




September 27, 2013 by kaitevans


I have had so many thoughts on how and when to do school with Teagan.

Do we send him to playschool? Preschool? Homeschool?

Our town is tiny. While it does have awesome schools, it just doesn’t have the same options for preschool as the city does.

We don’t have school “co-ops”, or Monttessori schools near us (the nearest is over 2 hours away).

Ever since Teag was a baby I was DEAD SET on sending him to preschool as soon as he turned 3.

Then he turned 3, and school was out for the summer.

Then we had Molly and Rich went back for his final year of school.

I was overwhelmed at the thought of committing to send him to school, when I was sure if I would even really be functioning…Let alone sending my baby away for a few hours.

postpartum hormones, they get me weepy every time.

So I did what any “can’t let my baby leave my sight, he’ll stay with me FOREVER” type mom would do.

(and he is on the “wait list” for the winter semester of preschool at our local Christian school)

I bought a printer.

And then scoured pinterest (and asked for help on facebook) for lesson plans and ideas on how to homeschool a preschooler.

This is my homeschooling pinterest board.

I decided that I wanted a Christ centered plan.

And so I began printing, and printing, and printing.

We are also using the new version of this, I got mine at Costco.

We started with “The Fruits of the Spirit” curriculum for toddlers, from


We love this one. We have been working on memorizing the verse since we started it.










Pirate Pre-K Pack. Actually all of their packs are AMAZING.

School Sparks printable sheets. I think this might be a little bit advanced for Teag at the moment, but I don’t think it will be long till we use them.

Little Family Fun has a great easy preschool at home schedule and ideas all in one place. I like how she has everything sorted out, ready to go!


Do you homeschool or have you ever thought about homeschooling? If so, what is your favourite method or curriculum?



September 26, 2013 by kaitevans

Life has been so wonderfully crazy since having sweet precious Molly.

Smiling molly

We have snuggled, nursed, cried, and enjoyed life.


The boys are so smitten with her. They are always asking to hold her, or pat her back (they like to help burp her)

little family

She is the smiliest and happiest baby, so content.

She is our first baby to hate soothers, and being swaddled (except for the woombie, for some reason she likes that over a real swaddle)

She loves to be worn, but also loves her swing.

usmommy and molly

I am so grateful to be mommy to these precious little people.


September 16, 2013 by kaitevans

I feel like I can finally say it. So I will. Teag is FINALLY potty trained.

Which is kind of ridiculous, seeing as how we started “training” him when he was just knee high to a grass hopper.

teag on the potty

See, isn’t he itty bitty there? Such a cute bay-bay.

Potty training has always (always, always, always) been the one thing that I have been terrified of.

I don’t know why, but I was just scared to start that phase.

Diapering is easy. Potty training…not so much. Or so I thought.

So we started young. Reallll young. Almost like “elimination communication“, but since we weren’t 100% consistent with it, it never really worked.

Add that to 3 hospital stays (giving birth to Arlo; Arlo’s first surgery; and Arlo’s second surgery) along with countless doctors appointments, we just never really made it work.

And I stressed about it. Boy did I stress.

But then, one day it just clicked for him. We had tried everything. Bribing, with candy, stickers, a pony (just kidding), basically anything we thought would work.

NOTHING worked.

Until one day Rich told him that if he went poop and pee in the potty, he could go to school after Christmas.

It was like a light went off. Glorious day. It’s been almost 3 weeks and he has had 2 accidents…and is fully night trained!

Seriously so proud.

EXCEPT now Arlo has decided that since Teag uses the potty, he has to as well.

Which is awesome.

Except when you hear the words (coming through the video baby monitor that you have in the basement…nursing a infant is a full time job…I have to keep an eye on those two somehow…)

“MOM!!! Arlo just peed on the floor…AGAIN!”

Which is awesome (not really) when you are nursing your baby. (seriously, the six week growth spurt is going to kill me…or my house…)

So now I guess we are potty training Arlo as well.

If you need me, I’m the one hiding in the corner…probably nursing the baby.



September 13, 2013 by kaitevans

mommy n arlo

My baby is two.


My kind, loving, active, feisty, stubborn, independent, caring, wonderful boy.

Arlo has changed our life in ways I never thought possible.

arlo n daddy

We have overcome things I never thought we would ever have to go through.

He has been poked and prodded by more doctors and specialists and nurses than anyone else in our family.

And he is still loving, and kind.


He knows what he wants, and even though he can’t talk (not many words yet) he still manages to let you know what he wants.

my three

He is the first to give hugs and kisses, and absolutely adores his brother and sister.

If we let him, he would bring his “Mimi” everywhere. (Babywearing his beloved Mimi)

baby wearing arlo

I am so proud of you, my darling sweet baby toddler.

birthday arlo


Molly’s birth

August 26, 2013 by kaitevans


Molly’s birth was everything I had hoped it would be.

It was the first labour that I ever had that started and continued on it’s own.

With Teagan I was induced. With Arlo I started on my own, and then stalled on my own…so I was induced again.

With Molly, I started on my own, and continued on my own.


Our labour started on Saturday. I didn’t believe that it was early labour, as I had had contractions and back pain for WEEKS.

So much so that my doula came over a week before and showed me some ways to labour and rock Molly into position.


I did a ton of cat cow yoga position, lots of squatting, lots of rocking my hips back and forth.

Back to Saturday.

Rich was scheduled to work nights that night, and since we weren’t sure if it really was labour or not we decided we should walk walk walk.

So we walked and walked and walked. I had irregular contractions but INSANE back pain.

Nothing that made me think Rich should stay home, so he went to work and I continued to try and get the labour going.

The contractions started to get stronger, and by ten that night I decided to text our midwife and see what she had to say.

We decided to head to the hospital around midnight. NOT before throwing the most epic tantrum, as I did NOT want to go to our local hospital.

I wanted to head to our midwife and get the baby out.

I was completely irrational, looking back. But I was so terrified that they would tell me I wasn’t in labour and that I had to go home.

We arrived at the hospital at one in the morning, and after getting all settled into our room, we were left to labour.

At this point I decided I didn’t want to be checked until later. I knew that if I was only a few centimeters dilated I would lose hope and decide to get drugs/induced.


(Rich, my mom, my midwife and my doula were amazing at helping me labour)

Early Sunday morning we decided that we should all try and rest for a little bit, and see if the labour would get more intense.

If it didn’t we would look into inducing me and get things going.

Thankfully labour continued and I didn’t have to be induced.

Our midwife was amazing, I have such love and respect for her, when things were sort of slowing down or not progressing as fast as we had hoped she sat us down and had a heart to heart.

She asked what was holding me back. I bawled, and bawled. I was terrified that they would send me home.

After that we decided that labouring in the tub might relax me enough to let things progress.

And it did.

I laboured in the tub for a couple hours. (I think. The timeline is a little fuzzy in my head)

It was the only time I listened to my labour playlist, but it sure helped me focus through the insane back labour.

After labouring in the tub, we decided to head back to our room and see where I was at.

I was at a five.

I was so disappointed in my body. I was sure that I would have been farther than that.

After my midwife checked me, I needed to pee. Badly.

Random note, contractions hurt more when you have a full bladder.

While in the washroom I had the worst contraction ever (up to that point). I cried, Rich came and we had a little pow wow in the washroom. (It was maybe 2:45pm at this point)

I told him I couldn’t do it anymore (transition much?) and that I needed the drugs. I was done. I was heartbroken, disappointed in my body and convinced that I had hours (maybe even days) left.

He was amazing. Seriously best support ever.

Walking back to the bed the contractions became insane.

I told our midwife that I wanted the drugs, and I wanted them NOW!

We decided to try sterile water injections instead of jumping straight to drugs. We thought that maybe the injections would help ease some of the insane back labour that I was having.

WHICH WAS DUE TO MOLLY HAVING HER HAND ON HER HEAD. When my midwife did check me, she felt Molly’s hand before she felt her head.

water injections

While the injections didn’t take the pain away, it definitely did help.

After the injections my midwife checked me. This is where I misunderstood what happened. I thought my midwife said that I was still at a five.

After checking me, I was asked if I wanted the birth pool filled up, or if I would like to push.

To which I said “I can push?!” I cried. Then I asked how long it would take to fill the tub.

10-15 minutes. Or I could get her out right then and there.


Our midwife asked if I wanted my water broken, or left intact. I chose for her to break it. And oh, the relief.

It was short-lived.

So I chose to push.

Right there, on all fours.

I cried. Screamed that I couldn’t do it. Moaned and groaned. “Bellow like a cow, don’t buzz like a bee.” is what my doula kept reminding me.

Finally after a few of the most painful moments ever, I pushed her out.

Rich caught her. He loves the fact that he was the first person to hold her.

He passed her to me, and it was love at first sight.


It was amazing.

For the first time ever, I was able to hold my baby for as long as I wanted. No one took her away, we bonded.

We nursed. We snuggled. It was a dream come true.


We spent the night at the hospital, and then we were discharged the next day.

The first word that I think of when I think of Molly’s birth, is “healing”.

Molly was my healing birth.

I am so thankful for the wonderful support system that we had, and treasure all of the moments in my heart forever.




Life with three.

August 22, 2013 by kaitevans

Since having Molly, I have been getting a ton of messages on facebook wondering what life with three littles is like.

I can describe it in two words; wonderfully exhausting.

mommy molly1

We’ve had our “crying our eyes out because we are so exhausted” moments (and by “we” I mean the children and myself. Rich claims he has no tear ducts).

We’ve had our “crying from laughing so hard” moments. These children are hilarious.

We’ve had our “crying cause we’re so happy” moments. I’ve never felt so happy.

We’ve fallen asleep on almost every chair and couch and bed in our house.

daddy and m1

We have conquered breastfeeding issues (CRACKS ARE NO FUN!) with the help of many wonderful mamas.

We have been blessed by our community.

I’ve survived Rich going to back to work, thanks to my mom helping me!

We are relearning our routine.

We (the parents) are learning that the toddler and the preschooler need one on one attention. They need to feel special, and that we are still there for them.

daddy and t1

my babies1

We are learning to keep a spare change of clothes in the diaper bag AT ALL TIMES. Baby girl is excellent at poop explosions.


silly us

We’re still the same, ridiculous people we were before…just a little fluffier, a lot more sleep deprived, a little bit more addicted to coffee, but way happier than ever before.


August 7, 2013 by kaitevans

She’s here, she’s here, she’s here!!

Molly Louise Kait was born on Sunday at 3:22pm.

We are completely in love, and can’t believe that she is finally here!

Big huge thanks to Deanna for the AMAZING pictures!


First time holding her.




Two days old, versus two days before she was born.


I promise to post our birth story in the next little while.

Until then, I’m going to snuggle my sweet new baby.


My Life (His mission)

August 1, 2013 by kaitevans

Have you ever met someone, and immediately gone “I need this person in my life?”

Distance doesn’t matter these days, with Skype, google hangouts, and facebook, you really don’t have to live in the same neighbourbood, town, province or even country.


Kerry is one of those people. I first “met” her through the influence network, in a “mastermind” group. And immediately thought she was amazing.

Her heart, her love for God, the wisdom that she brings each week is just amazing (SERIOUSLY GUYS, YOU NEED TO MEET HER).

If you know about Kerry and her family, you know that they adopted their beautiful daughter Alivea. Right now they are in the process of adopting their second child! Yay!

When Kerry mentioned that she was opening a shop to help support their adoption fund, I jumped at the chance to help her.

How, you might ask. By spreading the word about the shop, her blog, facebook, instagram. EVERYTHING.

Kerry was a sweetheart and sent our family one of her beautiful prints from her shop!

It is the cutest print ever, I can’t wait to hang it in our nursery!

Want to see her shop? I know you do!


Seriously, so cute.

Want to know more about her?

Shop link

Facebook MyLifeHisMission

Twitter @Kerry_mlHM

Instagram @mlhmshop

Blog Link


Anyway, RUN don’t walk, and check her out. Because I’m sure that you will be as blown away as I am!





July 27, 2013 by kaitevans

Waiting. I hate it.

Ask Rich, he’ll tell you that I am the least patient person he knows. While I love surprises, I hate knowing that they are coming up, and not knowing what they are!

I feel like waiting for baby is the same way.

I know she will eventually be here.

I know I won’t be pregnant forever.

I know that life will never be the same once she is here.

But the waiting, oh the waiting, is driving me crazy.

I think it is because I have never made it to a due date (Teag was born at 39weeks and 2 days; and Arlo was born at 37weeks and 2 days), so now I feel like with this baby, I should have her ANY MINUTE NOW.

But here we are, at 37 weeks, and I don’t feel like she is going to come.

I mean I’ve had some pretty intense contractions (every 5 minutes for 2 hours, is NOT my idea of fun), but I honestly don’t think she will come before her due date.

Waiting has given me time to finish projects, that I have been putting off. Baby girl now has more toques, and booties than she will ever need.

Waiting has given me time to get my “birthing playlist” ready.

Waiting has given me time to snuggle my babies. I will miss when Arlo isn’t the baby. Lately he has been so cuddly and affectionate.

I will miss that. I will miss when Teag places his hand on my tummy and shrieks “SHE KICKED ME, MOMMY!”, even though she hadn’t.

I will treasure the first time Teag and Arlo meet her. Just like when Teag met Arlo.

I can’t wait to see who she looks like. Will she have a head of hair, like Teag did? Or will it be peach fuzz, like Arlo. Will she have a cleft? (While we did see her face at our ultrasound, we did not get a clear shot. So there is a chance she might have one) Will she be long and lean, like Teag? Or will she be short and chubby? Like how Arlo was.

I can’t wait, even though I have to.

Waiting really is, the hardest part.

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