office. studio. office. studio.

YAY! After a bajiliion hours spent waiting for the water to dry out (HOME INSURANCE IS A SANITY SAVER…seriously, insurance paid for clean up, and fixing everything damaged!) I am thrilled to show off my studio.

office. studio. office. studio. both?

The studio has been a labour of love. I am blessed to have a husband that supports and encourages me to have my own space for me to be creative. And he hates having it strewn all over the house. So it’s a win-win situation.

I am excited to finally have a space to show off my antique collection of sock knitting machines, and not have to worry about little fingers breaking them (or having the machines break little fingers, they are HEAVY.)


This is the view after you walk into the studio. The window lets in a beautiful amount of natural light. During the day, I rarely even have the lights on, as the natural light is just so much nicer.



This is my loom, her name is Mafalda. Mafalda means “powerful battler” which I think is totes apropos. totes mcgoats.

PAUSE. Because this is still my favourite commercial.


Anyway, her name is Mafalda, and I love her.



And because you can’t have a HUGE loom (or any loom for that matter) without some yarn. Here is may stash. I have cotton, cotolin, wool/silk blend and BAMBOO. Which is all very exciting, and super soft.





Seriously, isn’t it the prettiest wall ever? In the boxes, is all my fabric, and headbands and market supplies. Also I keep my serger and sewing machine in the two cubbies. Baby toys are now in the playpen.



It’s so CLEAN, and pretty. Right now it is filled with post-market product.



COMPUTER. I officially joined “the dark side” as Rich calls it. BUT THAT’S OK. As he has used the mac for school too. AND LIKED IT. Also the exersaucer isn’t there anymore, now the playpen is there.



And finally, my “nursing closet”. It is also where I keep the ironing board, and other random items that I don’t necessarily use every day.



And just to prove that it isn’t always that clean in here, here is Molly and I.

Photo on 2014-03-18 at 2.13 PM #3



Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the tour, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on!

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  1. Dorothy. Gramma says:

    Absolutely love the studio and all the little extras .you are really quite amazing.
    Love and hugs

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