Kait’s favourites no 27

No 27.

One of my favourite things about the age/stage we are at with Little T, is that he is starting to communicate with us. For the past couple months we have been signing with him, only common things that we say/do regularly.

This has been our most used sign.

It’s for “milk“. We use it for nursing or for a bottle. Sometimes even for a sippy cup. He does it quite well and even says “na na na” while signing, which I’m assuming means “nurse me, you crazy woman!”

This is his newest achievement! If he wants a cracker or the next bite of food (he refuses to feed himself) he smacks his hands on his chest. This sign is for “please

Finished” happens whenever he is done something, or thinks that he is done.

This one is for “potty

I love how excited he gets when he signs a word and we respond to it! His eyes light up!

All of the signing pictures can be found here, plus many more!

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