Battle Baby Bulge w4

Ugh. This week was not good. Seriously.

my excuses:

Little T is cutting all 4 eye teeth. AT.THE.SAME.TIME.

which means we aren’t sleeping at night.

teething fevers suck.

I’m lazy.

So the last few weeks of measurements are:

Week 1

weight: never weighed myself

hips: 39in

waist: 33in

Week 1 goal was to walk 5kms. COMPLETED!

Week 2

weight: 150lbs

hips: 39in

waist: 33in

Week 2 goals:

walk 7kms

drink 2 litres of water a day*

try a new healthy recipe. I’m thinking this

Week 3

weight: 144lbs

hips: 39in

waist: 33in

week 3 goals:

drink 2 litres of water a day

walk 5kms.

try a new healthy recipe, this week I’m thinking this or this and want to try these.

Week 4

weight: 148lbs (4lbs gained. lame.)

hips: 37in

waist: 33in

week 4 goals:

drink 2 litres of water a day

walk 7kms & do 30 minutes of wii fit plus a day

try a new healthy recipe, (same recipes as last week*)

This week was terrible. I *gained* four pounds.

I know how I did it.

  • I didn’t drink 2 litres of water everyday…on Sunday and Wednesday I didn’t meet my goal. It was tragic, I feel 100 times better when I drink all of my water.
  • I didn’t exercise hardly at all. With Little T teething, we haven’t been out much.
  • I ate ice cream cake and drank copious amounts of coke. Coke is my weekness. *the bevie, not the drug.

This week will be different, we have exciting things happening in the new year and I want to look at the picture and be proud…not regret how I looked.

Side note, I made amazing smoothies this week!

 Here’s a picture of one of them.

It has bananas, frozen raspberries and blueberries, a peach, spinach and ground flax seed….it was delish!!

Make sure you check in with Tairalyn and Tanya to check in our their progress!

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  1. Tairalyn says:

    Dont worry Mama…. you loST 2 Inches you must be excited about that – Inch loss is MUCH MUCH better than weightloss.

    You will do better this week – I too had a horrible week!


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