a healthy change.

I’m frustrated with myself. I have been working so hard exercising three times a week, and yet I have lost ZERO pounds. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
It’s disappointing, it’s frustrating. And I know why too. I have a sweet tooth. Mouth? I have zero self-control, I see cake, I eat cake. I see chips (unless they are the chicken wing chips, those are just nasty (SO STOP BUYING THEM RICH!!!!)), I eat chips. Candy, oh for the love of candy. I love it. You get my point. I like sweets, and sweets like my midsection.

Another reason is portion control. I always, always, always am over eating, especially when it is something¬†I like.¬†As a teen, I never had to worry about it, my metabolism was that fast. It was glorious. And now, well, it’s not.

So this week, I am making changes. Healthier meals, healthier snacking, more water drinking, and going to bed earlier.

Some snack ideas.

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Yea, a lot of salsa, some quinoa, some oatmeal, some homemade salad dressings.
I’m thinking of adding healthy smoothies to the mix as well.

What are your favourite healthy meals and snacks?

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One Response to a healthy change.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Know what helps me?
    Making meal plans…not that I need to lose weight…looking angrily at you gallbladder…but I am looking to eat healthier meals.
    I think thought that you exercising is a wonderful start. Be proud of yourself and hide that bugger scale!!

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